Truck Leasing & Rental

Full Service Leasing

Truckworx PacLease full-service leasing can provide you with both financial and operational benefits. Financially, your company can preserve capital for other parts of its business that generate higher returns. Operationally, we allow your company to focus on core functions of your business while we handle the rest. In the long run, our lease and maintenance packages allow your company to maximize uptime and productivity.


Rent From Truckworx

Seasonal spikes in business, new market opportunities and vehicle breakdowns can all create a need for additional trucks on a short-term basis. For many companies that operate trucks, rentals are a flexible and essential component of their transportation strategy. PacLease offers a variety of heavy and medium duty trucks with customized services to best suit your operation.


We’ve got you covered

Truckworx is here to help keep your business moving. Our team can help you find the right fit for whatever your business may need from rentals to full service leasing; contact us to find the right truck for your needs.

Leasing and Rental Locations

We offer convenient access to numerous locations, parts, and services thanks to our 11 locations spread across 3 states